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Image of HellHaven - Anywhere Out Of The World (CD)

HellHaven - Anywhere Out Of The World (CD)


It is diverse. One will not find two of the same songs here. Vibe and instruments are the common thread. Each track leads the listener towards different part of music. It is not possible to unambiguously label it with single music style, but what towers above is progressive rock that meanders between art rock, progressive metal and even eastern electrified rhythms.

Music on this record was not made to flatter musicians or arrogant music critics. The idea was to let the music flow with the listener, sink in and leave part of it behind in one’s mind.

Check them out:

01. Anywhere Out Of The World [06:34]
02. Ever Dream This Man ? [08:11]
03. First Step Is The Hardest [06:16]
04. 21 Grams [01:56]
05. Res Sacra Miser [08:08]
06. They Rule The World [07:47]
07. Overview Effect [06:43]
08. On Earth As it Is In Heaven [06:22]
09. The Dawn & Possibility Of An Island [09:12]

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