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Image of Lunar Solace - Keep Me Up (EP/DL Only)

Lunar Solace - Keep Me Up (EP/DL Only)

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Everyone has a part of themselves, a creative creature, that makes them who they are. The ability to construct meaning from nothing is what defines us each as human. What defines us as individuals is our choice of medium.

Each one of our members has been lucky enough to explore many different methods through our education paths. However, none of the others were quite as enticing as music.

Originally formed to compete in our high school's Battle of the Bands, the group seemed only a side project. However, after placing first, our prize was a demo recording of two singles; “My Crutch” and “Grow on me”. Shows at local restaurants and bars began to follow, but it was a performance in Mel Lastman Square as part of the Global Village Festival showed us that this was more than just a side project.

Our love of performance and creation led us to the inception of this EP - a culmination of our first year’s emotion and passion.

Music is the solace that shone through to us on even our darkest nights, and so, we were born.

No physical format is available as yet, but you can purchase a copy through BandCamp or your preferred digital store.

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